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Michael Sargent is a Western New York Based Photographer and has been creating unique imagery since 1997. He first became involved with photography back in 1984, and in 2004 he started to photograph weddings. He currently operates a small portrait studio in his hometown of Middleport, New York. Michael specializes in Sports and Interest's portraiture, as well as Headshot Photography. Michael is also a member of Peter Hurley's "Headshot Crew".  Contact Mike today to set up your session, and create an image as unique as you are. 




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Guestbook for Michael Sargent Photography
Christopher M. Busch, President - Orleans Renaissance Group, Inc.(non-registered)
Recently, ORG was in need of a professional photographer to photograph a world-class concert event in Medina. World-renown Irish tenor, Ronan Tynan was to perform for a sold out crowd at St. Mary RC Church in Medina, NY. The event would be historic and photographing such an event would be challenging- the lighting is difficult, the artist required various parameters to be observed and ORG had requirements of their own. The demanding task required a seasoned professional and ORG reached out to Michael Sargent Photography to do the job. Michael was a true professional, taking beautiful photographs without the artist or audience even knowing he was there... and the results were nothing short of perfect. When nothing but perfect results will do, ORG highly recommends Michael Sargent Photography.
‎Connie Mason Etter‎(non-registered)
Lynn Canham Sterling(non-registered)
Your nature photography is amazingly beautiful.
Pamela Cardone(non-registered)
Great photography Michael
Michael Hacking(non-registered)
Mikes a Technician, and can read light naturally. After 20 yrs of Pro Commercial Photography, I've come to learn how huge the gap is in, People with Cameras, & Photographers. The biggest area Mike is recognized as a true Professional, is in his choice of Composition. Photography isn't about great Photos, it's about Great Moments. Moments captured as an act of 'duty' to repay their Creative gift. Social Media is an outlet to showcase photos, & many have M's of followers, but many more are far more skilled Artists, with 1000+ followers. Those guys, are engulfed in 100's of images you see daily. You'll never know, and they aren 't Social Photographers. Like Zack Arias, one of this Centuries most superlative photographers, but he's so booked he only adds social content when he can. I happen to like Mike, & dis-like some of the struggles he may encounter, so next time you don't, 'get ' a photo of his, stop and think about your own expertise at judging World Class Art, just a thought!
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