Michael Sargent is a  photographer based out Western New York. His specialties include wedding, portrait, head shot, and landscape photography. Michael's work has been published in National Geographic and has several magazine credits to his name. His approach to portrait photography is unique in the fact, that he says he likes to get to know his subject a little before he snaps his frames. He also engages in conversation with the subject during the shoot to get his subject thinking. The emotion and facial expressions displayed during this process allows him to capture frames that has his subjects saying, "I cant believe that's me".  Michael also likes to be a ghost when he shoots a wedding. His clients often say, I had no idea you were shooting that. It often leads to frames that create memories for his clients, and Michael says, " those photos that bring an emotion out are the best, because they create a memory that is never forgotten.  

The short: We all have a story to tell. Mine, well. I am Frankenstein's photo taking environmental monster, with a mix of camel's broken back. One day I will capture a frame that inspires change.