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Welcome to the news and info page for Michael Sargent photography

Here you will find Michael's Blog Posts as well as news and information about his photography and what inspires him as a photographer. 

The Ice Man

April 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Ok, two posts in one day... As stated Moving forward and we who survive must go on. So, as of late I simply have not felt like shooting. However the desire caught me by surprise and I reached out for some subjects on my facebook page. One subject I wanted was a hockey player, and what I received was a 9 year old rockstar. Ethan came into studio and I knew right away that he was gonna nail it. As he put on his gear, I set the lighting up to fit his frame, and as I suspected, it did not take him long to show me just who he was. I love seeing the reactions and the smiles when I show people the captures on camera. I also love it when the subject puts his game face on in front of the lens. All I can say, is I was a fan of this kid from the first shot. Ethan you rock buddy. Thank you for allowing me to capture the frames. I also want to thank Scott and Sara for making this all happen. 

Summary, Fire is lite and Ethan NAILED IT!!!!

Moving Forward

April 30, 2017  •  1 Comment

This will be the first post since we lost our son, and there has been a lot of thoughts that has run through our heads. I am pleased to see that the law enforcement as well as some of politicians are becoming more involved and in recent weeks there has been several arrests. I have refrained from contacting officials regarding the matter of my son, however there are several questions I would like answered. One mystery, is the fact that when all this started becoming obvious, there was an incident that took place in Monroe county. My son was stopped by the police and him and a friend had drugs on them. Yes they had purchased it from some scumbag in Rochester. The drugs were taken, however the police did not arrest them. WHY!! Not that this would have changed the outcome, but it could have. Wade also during this time was taken to a hospital in Rochester one night, and it was suspected then that he overdosed. We as parents tried to obtain details of this hospital visit, however because of privacy laws we were not allowed to receive any information.

We also tried to get him help with inpatient treatment, but we were told the situation was not severe enough to justify that action. The system is a joke, and some of the stuff I have seen regarding treatment is really flawed. As I stated earlier, these treatment facilities hand out suboxone like candy. All I can say regarding this, is WTF. Whoever came up with that idea, and those that supported it are in need of a reality check.

Since all this, and my original posting, I need to say I was overwhelmed with all the support and outreach, by friends, family, and yes, people we have never meet. The cards, letters, phone calls, social media outreach, and the prayers were inspirational. So many of you touched our hearts and we would not have made it through all this without the support. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for your outreach.  God Bless!

Some of you know that WGRZ contacted me and wanted me to do a interview. It was considered, but declined, as some of you know me and know that I would not hold back. In short my thoughts would not change anything. What I do know, is in less than 24 hours, almost seventeen thousand people read my post, and the awareness created by that was touching. As I stated, the outreach was incredible, and the suggestions to help raise awareness were amazing. It was recently suggested that I start a go fund me page to help raise funds to fight the epidemic as well as use my photography to support that cause. It is being considered. One of the options suggested was to show the ugly side of this but, I think anyone who has lost someone understands the aftermath. Does anyone remember the Smoking is very Glamorous posters that used to be all around?  Not important, what is relevant however is the aftermath. Kids do not realize, what they leave behind. Families are heartbroken after something like this, and they have to go on. This addiction is a selfish son of a bitch, and once it gets hold of a person, you are no longer reasoning with your child, but a demon that has taken over your child. I also want to state that some people are calling this a disease. Seriously, it is not. Perhaps it can be argued that a mental condition could cause a person to inject this crap into ones self, but knowing this crap can kill you, well that is not a disease. My opinion, if you want to refer to it as a disease, well it is a self inflicted disease then, and you have to ask why would one do that. It takes you back to the previous, which would be a mental condition. The use of these drugs lead to disease, however once again they are self inflicted.

With that opinion out there, a respected friend suggested that perhaps I should reach out to addicts and recovering addicts and see if they would want to share their story to help raise awareness of just how bad this stuff is. I will leave it like this, If someone does want to talk about their problem and share their story I would be willing to film and photograph. I am not a filmmaker but I do have some skills and some friends that would be willing to produce the content.

Once again, thanks to everyone who offered their support during our loss. We were touched by these actions and it made me realize how wonderful our community really is.

Thank you all and God Bless.

The Sargent Family.


Twenty Two Blessed Years

April 03, 2017  •  19 Comments

This post will be one of the hardest things I have ever had to write, but I wanted something that would serve as a forever piece in yet another life lost way to soon, that hits home, right in our hearts.

Our son Wade was lost due to the drug epidemic that has taken so many lives and continues to do so.

Long before Wade was born, My wife and I had been trying for a child, but for whatever the reason we were not having much success. We had given up.  It was shortly after we were blessed with the news that we going to have a son. My wife could not wait for the day he would arrive, and during Wades Birth, I watched my wife do one of the hardest things I think a women can do, and she did it with her heart and soul.  I will never forget that moment when Dr. Green took our son and placed him on my wife's belly. I watched a women transform. It was like a light had shined down on the two of them. It was magical and I have no words to really explain it, but I can tell you it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I witnessed that three times in my life and felt blessed each time.  My wife, was now a mother and I a father, and I have to say this, My wife was incredible. She gave up so much to be a mother and the love she had for my Son and Daughter's was inspiring. It was the inspiration I needed that allowed me to provide for my family. It was hard and it was worth every sacrifice we made. Wade and his mother had a very special bond. I remember one day, I was at home with him and Michele went to the store. It was Wades birthday, and we were having a party for him. The poor little guy was not feeling well, and he was sitting in his high chair. I tried to comfort him but I was not doing a good job. As soon as his mother walked in his eyes lite up, and when they made eye contact, I saw the biggest smile on a kids face I had ever seen. Wade adored his Mother. 

As Wade grew, I watched him change. He was a tough kid. Very Spirited, and at times he was very determined, but always full of good intentions. He so loved the outdoors, I was proud of that. He spent countless hours with his Grandparents along the Erie Canal competing in the fishing derbies, and one of his favorite fish to catch was Carp. He had one year that he won a ton of fishing equipment, and several trophies. That time with his grandparents was wonderful for him.  He also loved to camp. He spent every summer with his Grandfather and cousin just enjoying the outdoors and all the people that were associated with these adventures. His grandmothers always had stories about the things he would do, and often would remark about things little boys do that grandmothers did not always care for. He was all boy and I enjoyed hearing these complaints, and often times would simply laugh with a proud thought in my head.  Being a kid who loved the outdoors, I nourished that, and his grandfathers, uncles, and I taught him everything we could about hunting. When he took his first deer, I was so very proud of him. I hugged him, kissed his forehead, and told him how much I loved him. Wade was an amazing shot with a bow. He would show us up every time we would set up a target, and loved to let us know he was the man. No argument. 

In school Wade had many friends, he was very social, and I have learned about what a caring kid he had become. He was compassionate and very protective of things he loved. I know school was not easy for him, but he did graduate, and had decided to work.

This is were things became unclear for Wade. He finished high school working at the local fast food joints, but after graduation, he went to work at a local factory. One of his coworkers introduced him to the world of drugs, and with peer pressure, he began to experiment. Now I can say so much about this topic, but the one thing I will note. It is a well know fact that this facility is a hive for drugs, and it is my opinion that this needs to be a looked at. As a father I can tell you, that a few of these scumbags came across my path, and let's just say, they will have the scars from my meeting with them. I am a big believer in Karma, and people who are blessed to be in positions where they can make a difference need to.

Wade became more and more independent, and refused to allow anyone to help him unless it was his way. As parents we continued to help him as much as we could. When we learned of his problems, we did everything we could to try and get him the help he needed. We were no longer dealing with our son. We were dealing with a demon, known as addiction. He did things that were not who my son was and it was very difficult for all of us to come to terms with that.  I know many have experienced what we did, and the only words I can find to help come to terms with this, is our child is no longer suffering.

As a parent you can mark my words. All of us who have lost a child know that there is no greater hurt that having to bury a child. We live in a time in which things are so completely turned upside down. I am not going blame specific individuals or political affiliations, however I will call upon our leaders and those in position to start thinking about people and the struggles families face. I have watched things go right into the toilet and the wonderful part is we can do something about this. The need for jobs in this country is great. Not just Jobs but jobs that pay people a decent livable wage. In our little town I am seeing growth, but that growth is not what I would call a future for our children. Understand, just because a business opens, does not mean it is good for the people who work for said business. People and cultures will never change unless they have the means. Those means are not there. We also have people in leadership roles who have no idea what is best for our world. These people need to be removed from power. Personal agenda's play no role in our day to day lives and we are not here to serve your agenda's.  The next thing is education. We all know what happens when our children give in to peer pressure. I am or the opinion that we are not doing enough to teach our children the dangers of drugs. We have always had a problem with drugs, but not like this. Many of you are aware of what has happened in the last several days since the death of my son. I ask how many lives must be lost before real action is taking place. That is no longer on leadership, that is on us as a community. We can not tolerate this any longer. I want to let everyone know, that these treatment programs that are being pushed are a fucking joke. They hand out what is know as subs to these children in the false hopes it will get them through. Law enforcement uses these kids as rats to provide them with information so they can make busts on low level drug dealers with the hopes that maybe they will get lucky and obtain leads on the people who introduce them into our culture. I am sorry but this is not helping our kids on the scale that needs to be accomplished. I will simply say to everyone in law enforcement. DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS!. I know the people I have been in contact with are doing everything in their power to change things. However they can't do this alone. They need our help. I would ask people to say something if they see it. Be more mindful of who your kids are hanging out with and understand that if these actions save just one child, it will be worth it. 

Nothing will bring back my son and as My family grieves, I would not wish this on anyone.  For you kids, that may be reading this, let me tell you, we as parents love you. We all try to do our best to give you things that you need. Most of what we give is our love, because that is the greatest gift we can give to you as parents. The playstations, the x-boxes the I-pods will all one day be worthless. Our love for you lasts a lifetime. The most hurtful thing you can do is walk down a path of self destruction that leads you to a destination, in which your parents have to say goodbye forever. We have to carry on with that love we have given to you. There is no greater hurt than a parent who has to say good bye to our child. I will never forget that moment when I had to walk into a hospital emergency room and see my son's lifeless body laying on a bed. Watching his mother and loved ones destroyed but what has happened. I felt like a piece of my soul just died, and the only thing I could do was run my fingers through his hair, take his hand, place a soft kiss on his forehead, tell him that I loved him and always will, and then say goodbye. That my young friend is what this road you choose leads to.

Stay away from this shit. If you are approached by a schoolmate, a coworker, a group of friends, do not give in to this peer pressure. Find new friends, tell someone what happened. You do not have to deal with this on your own.  If you tell a parent and they do nothing tell someone else. Do not stop trying. Parents if your children come to you listen. All roads once they become addicts will lead to you having to do what we and so many others have done. It is about time we start giving a fuck and taking action. 

Wade, I love you, and I know you did not always see that. I wanted so much more for you that what you choose to accept. I know you walked your path, and did not understand the decisions your Mother and I made.  I hope now under Gods watch and with all your relatives around you that have left before us, you understand how much and how deep our love was for you. You blessed our lives for twenty two years. Thank you 

Something was said to me by a close family member that helped me a great deal during all this. He stated, GOD PICKS HIS FLOWERS BEFORE HE PLANTS THEM.

BLOOM MY SON! You will always be loved.

WADE MICHAEL SARGENTWADE MICHAEL SARGENTOur beloved Son. May your Soar on the Wings of an Eagle

" The Deer Hunter's Prayer " 

Heavenly father, to you I pray,

A majestic deer may come my way.

Let my aim be straight and true,

this my Lord, I pray to you.

A swift clean kill is what I ask,

Take his spirit swift and fast.

For his last breath should not be,

One of pain or agony.

Let his soul,

Come to Thee,

To roam your heavens,

Wild and free.

I also recently learned that Robert Ortt is taking action on this major issue and I cant thank him enough for taking the lead. You can read the story here. 

Goodbye my son. Your family will always love you




As Photographers, We often speak of Moments

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On my website there is a introduction video that speaks about passion and how I will never tell someone that I am a passionate photographer. I state that I would rather show you what inspire's me.  That statement is a description about being able to capture a moment. Sometimes it is very easy, but often times it is difficult. With that said please bear with me as I explain this feeling in written word. My subject Je'ne is a natural. BE LEGENDARY Je'ne-5224BE LEGENDARY Je'ne-5224 She provided me with a ton of great looks and made the shoot very easy for me. As we were finishing the shoot, I wanted one or two images with Je'ne's mom in the frame. As we all know some people just are not comfortable in front of the camera. Jonna is one of those people. That's were I as a photographer do what I do best. I pushed the matter, and did my best to make her comfortable in front of the lens. In this case I felt the best way I can put my subject at ease was to simple have her interacting with her superstar daughter. The image I am sharing here is the third shot I took. As I figured it did not take long For Jonna to get into the groove and she killed it. In fact what we have here is a moment. After I looked at this I realized I had a moment. First off, Je'ne although an incredible athlete, is very humble. When she is on the court she is fierce and has the rare ability to turn it off, after the final buzzer. Her Mom, well there is no doubt how much Jonna love's her daughter. They shared that love with me and allowed me to capture a moment. All I can really tell you about all this, is that it is a powerful, experience. It is inspiring, and makes you feel pretty good, about what you just experienced, and capturing it forever. 

I give you JE'NE and her mom Jonna.  

BE LEGENDARY Je'ne-5249BE LEGENDARY Je'ne-5249Je'ne and Jonna Thank you ladies, for allowing me the chance to capture this moment... GOD BLESS!!





The Assassination of Betty Rage

February 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Transformations are a part of everyone's life. We all experience events, and sometimes these experiences can be profound. They could involve eye opening events, or loss and sometimes it can be as simple as the realization that you just need a change in your life.

Today we started the project, "The Assassination of Betty Rage".

Betty Rage was a pinup model inspired by Betty Page. The difference between Page and Rage was simple. Rage was a reflection of emotion. She held nothing back, and you always knew just what she was thinking. The downside of Rage was she was a soul sucker, and she failed to portray the person behind the persona. Besides that she was a bitch.  The time had come to remove Betty Rage, not only remove, but assassinate that bitch.

That is exactly what we did. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Carolyn Elizabeth. 

Carolyn is an aspiring model, who has an edgy side. Having photographed her on several occasions, I have learned on thing. You can tell her the look you need, and she always delivers. This black and white image is an example of her ability to portray a look.  Carolyn (35 of 62)-EditCarolyn Elizabeth Tell me what you see. I could make this easy, but for the fun of it. I want you to look at the image and tell me what you see.  

Carolyn is available for modeling jobs,and she can be contacted through our website by emailing .

Here is the link to the gallery

For now, that's a wrap.



Let's Clear Up the Confusion

February 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently, I was looking over some job offers and took notice of what I call a trend. Since when is a photographer a filmmaker? Does anyone else think this is wrong? SO lets break this down. All modern DSLR's have the capability to shoot video, and at times, yes I will use my camera to shoot video, but in the job market, it is my personal opinion, that a photographer is an individual who captures still images. A video guy is someone who shoots video. Does this make sense? Well, if you agree than I think it is safe to say, that employers should be able to distinguish between the two. I can be the first to tell you that I for one do not enjoy doing video. As stated I can, but I prefer to outsource that task. For me it is about focus. When a photographer is tasked with doing both, it is very distracting when you are wired to capture that moment. When doing both, I can promise you will miss that one shot.It is the same thing for a video guy. 

I am sure that a photographer can transition to a role of filmmaker and vice versa, but It is my opinion that this creates a water downed version of the selected craft.

In closing. Employers need to understand the difference. CEO's and hiring managers have much better things to do than worry about this. However, I think the crafts need to be defined so, when an employer is looking for a video guy, he is getting a video guy. When he needs a photographer, he gets a photographer. 

Two different skill sets, and two different personalities. 

Any thoughts on this ?


All for now. 



The World We Exist in

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Now here is some food for thought. In my life I have never seen things so crazy. In some ways it is refreshing to me, considering I have not been a big fan of the events taken place over the last 8 years. However this post is not about politics. It is about people. What amazes me, is those of us who are brought up with certain values, one day enter the daily grind and we do what we can to carve out a little piece of happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.  For whatever reason some people don't fair well in this quest. It is sad and I wish things were different, however I cant control peoples destiny and for that matter I would not want to. Something I do know, people often times cherish what they have and will fight to hold on to it. Rightly so. When I first saw this, KEEP OUTYou Will BE Shot I said to myself no big deal. I saw a lot of this in the South and perhaps I am a little insensitive, but thinking about this, I thought, WOW!! You never see this kind of stuff up here.  With all that said it had me thinking. I wondered about the story behind this sign. Many years ago I met the man that used to reside in the worn down house that sits on this property. Now I can not be sure if it is the same gentleman, but assuming it is, I can tell you he was a decent guy, nice to speak with. My guess is his home had become uninhabitable. I think that's safe considering the condition. Your first question would be, well why didn't he keep it in better order. My answer would be the struggle is real. Hey cupcake, not everyone has a great job and most people struggle just to survive. Take a trip to a third world country and this is how a lot of people live. So this little shed is now a home, and just my opinion here, but my bet this is all this man has. Taking this into consideration can you understand why he would protect it. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and many people have to rise up to carve a bologna sandwich out of the ass of of life. I myself have had struggles and have went without and I completely understand the thought process behind this warning.

I saw a recent post on social media where the police where dispatched to a situation similar to this to determine if there was a danger.  It is not for me to say if this was right or wrong but I will say this. This may be all this man has and he is willing to shoot you if you trespass on his property. So if there is a danger at all, it will because some dumb ass did not heed the warning.  With that being offered let me say this. I am sitting back watching people cry and whine and throw temper tantrums because a man who became a man for the people rose up and said enough and as crazy as it sounds the people agreed with him. I expect great things in the coming years, and hope that one day we will unite as a people and do whats right for each other. Remember this, We the people are not here to be servants of the government. The government is here to serve the people.

You love what you own and you work for what you have. No man or no entity has the right to take that away from you and that includes your rights that are protected by the constitution.

God Bless.

Ladies and Gentlemen



January 25, 2017  •  1 Comment

Here is a little secret I want to share and this will come as a shock to many photographers. NO ONE GIVES A RATS ROYAL ASS ABOUT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!

Profound isn't it. Well most truths are and sometimes it stings a little. Many of us go forth and capture great epic images and we proceed to share them in the hopes of being discovered. Well that isn't likely. I for one share images like most, and I enjoy the reaction especially when a photo hits home with residents of a community. For the most part I do a lot of sharing on facebook as well as Instagram. Yes these are ways to put your work forward, but if you look at the return as it relates to new business, I think it can be agreed with that the return on investment for posting a photo is not a worthy investment. Photographers including myself however will continue to do so. Now let's talk about boosting images and or paying for reach. It can be a solid marketing idea if you are looking for reach, but in the end reach has to evolve to new business. For the most part, a new client will stay with one photographer especially if the experience's are positive. It can be stated that clients are loyal, and will return to said photographer every time they have a need for photographic services. So the question here is why? Do you think it is because you produced outstanding images? Perhaps. I however think it has a lot more to do with the person behind the camera. After all these years, and all the training and learning of new innovative styles of image capture not to mention learning how to edit an image none of this matters. What matters is the experience and the personality of a photographer. I can tell you first hand that as a user of social media, (mainly facebook) I get to see just how many photographers exist in a demographic region, and it is amazing to me how many people are offering services. Now out of all these people who take images it can be stated with out any hesitation that maybe five percent of them know their way around a camera. However if they have a crappy personality it wouldn't matter if they are Ansel Fricking Adams, they are not going to get the job.

What's funny to me is I see imagery from said photographers and if it is a good photo it's because of editing. Not to many have the ability to capture a great image in the camera. It has become a lost art. With that being said, photographers still get work and it is due to personality. The sad part is personality may get you the gig, but if you can't capture a decent image in camera and your talent is in editing, you are screwing your clients big time. Having cut my teeth in film photography, I understand that you have to get it right. Film gave you one shot, and if you did not get it right, you blew it.

Digital however, changed that, and the evolution of the raw file and editing software was key in opening up the market, and allowing so many people to offer services. It could be debated if this is a good thing or not, but I know this, if you want to test a photographers skills ask them to take a photo and not edit it. You can then clearly see the skill set as they have to rely on their knowledge of just what all those settings and controls are. I often times like to show clients the image I captured in camera, and I am always jacked when I see the reaction. So I can say without any doubt that if there was ever a test of skills which involved a simple image capture and those images were judged, I would bury the me too crowd. In fact I have thought about trying to put something like this together just to prove a point.  The reality is NONE OF THIS MATTERS!!!!

If you are a person with a crappy personality, and you take great images, sell your camera, cause you are not gonna thrive 

If you have a great way with people and your images suck, sell your camera, you are not gonna make it.

If you have a great way with people and you can take a picture well you might be a photographer.

Last big point, If you have to beg for work, you may need to look at everything. I often times see photographers responding themselves to requests or recommendations for photographers, and if you really think about it, its kind of a bad look. It shows desperation or at least in my opinion it does.

My name is mentioned a lot in social media groups, when a person is looking for a photographer in these groups. I do get a notification when my name is mentioned however I do not post a link to my page. I sometimes will send a private message if I feel I can be of service to someone, but for the most part I prefer that people contact me and allow me to opportunity to earn their business. Another practice I avoid is commenting to a potential client about other photographers. Here is the reason and this all comes from past experiences. My name was mentioned right away, as a member of this social group had asked for photographer recommendations. The recommendation came from a past client that I have done several jobs for, and I thanked them for the recommendation. Just by doing that, I was notified by facebook every time a new post was placed in regards to this job. One camera owner had the nerve to state that I did not do this type of imagery. That is when I decided it was time for a clarification. This individual in fact I did know , not well, but I was asked for some help as they were new to photography. I did offer suggestions and it was admitted that they had no idea how to operate a camera and shot everything in full auto. My suggestion was they better learn to use the creative or controlled modes,  as full auto is simply not an option for a person who is advertising themselves as a pro. So when I saw the remark regarding what I do as a photographer, I was a little angry. I did make a statement about that, and I asked publicly if this person had ever learn to shoot out of the full auto mode. I was told to mind my own business. My final response was, "that is exactly what I was doing" . The client seeking did end up contacting me, and I provided them with an experience that they were quite happy with. They also loved the images. 

In summary,

we all know that sometimes no matter what people will have personality conflicts, it is how you act towards these conflicts that will define who you are as a photographer. A person may not like you and that is ok. It is all about fit and as time has taught me, I as a photographer have to be as selective about my clients as they are towards their choices for a photographer. In the end, one thing is for sure, if a client and you are a fit, always give them your best. This will lead to word of mouth advertising and it is by far the best. It is also how this mess became a lesson and a rule of operation for my conduct.

THE WINTER BLAHS are here, but some great frames are around if look closely.

Web and berriesWeb and berries


That's a wrap!!!


Two Wonders One Frame, So your a Passionate Photographer. Please.

December 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

Do you remember that song Show and Tell? Well I sometimes get into some deep thought and reflection and it always leads to some pretty profound opinions. Of coarse it all depends on which side of the table you sit, but today I am going to share my opinion, and you can take away from it what you will or you can simply say, ah who cares. Choices, Aren't they wonderful.

First thought. Have you ever noticed that when you ask a photographer what it is they do, they simply tell you, I am a photographer? Then as you continue to speak to said photographer you will hear all about how passionate they are about photography.  I even see this in people's Bios on some pretty shitty websites. Now my site may not be great but it communicates, and that is the goal. However to get to my point, I just about have come to a point in which I would like to slap the back of people's heads every time I hear "I am a passionate photographer" .  Now this is simply a personal take but I get it. Yeah you enjoy photography, but stating you are passionate about it? This trend started about 10 years ago and marketing experts suggested to anyone who would listen, you have to define yourself and state what your passion is. So without really putting thought into this, many photographers just simply went with this suggestion, and you see it all over the internet. I am sorry, but this is such a load of hogwash. Once again my opinion, but I have also been more of a visual guy vs. the spoken word. Yes, it is action that speaks louder that words, and let me go on record here. Stating you are a passionate photographer and then producing images that suck is not a very good indicator of passion or a skill set. I also see all this let me help you create a profit from your passion. Trust me, the only ones that profit in that industry is the ones who are trying to sell you an ideology of how to operate a photography business. There are practices, but the thought that saturated markets can be stood out in is possible, but in the end, running a successful business as a photographer is going to come down to two things. 1. The quality of your work. 2. Your personality.  On a local platform I have a friend in this business and the talent  is incredible. We share a common interest and it is nice to know that backs are covered.  However both of us have had to deal with the passionate photographer and let me define that passion. Ok the work is standard at best, but the practice and the personality is what I just flushed. Look you cant bully people into accepting your services. Stating that this person sucks or this person is a jerk is a bad look. On top of that, attacks on social pages is just a low blow, and it kind of defines who the hell you really are. I have had to deal with that, and believe me, I am not one to take crap from a person that I would consider to be a me too type of person.  Then of coarse we have the friends and family. Oh that guy just retorted, so lets leave crappy reviews and hurt this persons business. You know what? I am so over that. That is our standard everyday Passionate Photographer.  SLAP RIGHT ON THE BACK OF THE HEAD! 

Look sometimes you nail the shoot and sometimes you produce nice images. Once in a while you blow it. I know one thing, this art is a journey and every time you press the shutter, you need to learn something. Photography is truly an exploration of light, and what excites me is the next adventure. 

So with my opinion in place here and knowing this is like two minutes of your life that you will never get back, if you read it, I wanna show you how I define passion. 

This is the super moon of 2016. I read all the hype and news stories leading up to the event, but over the years I have been displeased with super moons of the past. However I read one story that stated we would not see a moon this big again for several years. I was hooked.  When the moon came up, it was like a 50/50 shot. Lots of clouds and as I stood out there with hope freezing my ass off, The moon peaked, over the horizon. As I watched the whole thing fell apart as the clouds just swallowed the view. Trust me, some real colorful metaphors came into play. However the event wasn't just isolated to the evening hours. I knew I may get a second change in the early am. Up early and out the door, I did what came natural to me. Set up watch, wait do my research and at one moment, I set off the exposure. One shot. 

SUPERMOON2016SUPERMOON2016Two World Wonders Meet

After post process, it hit me. I said to myself, " Mike you big dummy, you just shoot the meeting of two wonders of the world." Niagara Falls, New York, just meet the Super moon of 2016. Once again and in closing, we can all say how passionate we are about something, but saying it, and showing it are two different things. I prefer to be passionate about my wife and children and see photography for what it is. Moments captured forever in the ultimate exploration of light.

Shutter bang. THAT'S A WRAP.



Please leave your thoughts and comments on this post. I do read them, and like to hear the various opinions on the topics I write about.

Oh for the record, I know I am a jerk, that comment is stating only the obvious.


Sports Portraits

November 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


The time has come for me to a do a little self promotion and offer up what has been by far my most popular image campaign since I returned to the portrait studio.

So let me break this down. I was in the studio one day and just finished doing some head shots. I received a phone call. The caller asked me if I could do a sports portrait. Now to be clear, I had to distinguish the difference between a sports action photo and a sports portrait. Let me explain, a sports action image is one that is more or less live action or simulated in studio on a backdrop. The Sports portrait however is just a little different. What I do is capture the emotion, love and or intensity for the sport as told by the subject. Now this does not only apply to sports. In addition it can be about anything an individual may be passionate about. 

The experts say that photographers develop styles or certain looks to their images, and if that is true, than perhaps I found a look. I say all this lightly simply because I don't think it is about a look or style, I like to think it is about the subject and what you as a photographer have to do to bring out the intensity or passion in your subject.  Oh for the record I hate that term. Passionate. For years now I have listened to people people say I am a passionate photographer. Oh yeah, well tell me just how passionate you are. Would you sit in cow crap for 10 hours to capture a rare albino housefly? Tell me what's passionate about that. 

Enough, of my passion rant, so here's a look at my Sports Portraits. 

0U8A27630U8A2763 This is Eric. and it would not surprise me if one day you see him in the NFL. He is tough as nails, and he has a love for the game. I have had the pleasure of watching him play a few times, and he will knock you on your ass. Although we shot him in his basketball jersey, he loves football and if he can deal with the hell I put him though in the studio I can easy see him making it to the big show one day. 

This is Emily, and she was one of my all time favorite subjects. She came into the shoot and was just ready to go. Emily is a member of the Medina, New York Mustang Marching Band. This school activity has stood the test of time and the Medina Mustang Marching band has been winning awards for years now in state and national competitions. The dedication these kids have is incredible and that dedication is what leads them to greatness. 

EMILY-34EMILY-34 I want to thank Emily, and her family for allowing me to capture this frame. 


This is Michael. Now I can tell you all about him and what he is into, but, I think what I will do here, is let you look at the shot and you can tell me what you see. 



Here is the closer. I have been producing these images on canvas and they are incredible. So in celebration of all the great feedback I am going to offer a special on the Sports Portrait package.  Normally this session costs $300.00. Book before the end of November 2016, and the session is $180.00 dollars. Oh yeah, we still throw in the 16x20 canvas print.

Hop on it we are booking quickly.