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Motivations and Reasons

July 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Allright, so much is going on, and I am rising to the occasion. The reality is I have been thinking a lot and doing more to increase awareness about what I do as a photographer and ok I will say it an artist. To me it's funny. Calling myself an artist is not something I would have ever seen possible , considering I am a big old burly bastard, who at times has a very focused intent on getting his way. Not by means of force, however but more by means of being able to prove my points.  With everything that has gone on over the last two years, there has been so many people that have commented on situations I have been involved with. One recent comment was, " Mike has a god given talent to create something out of nothing". A very nice thing to say of course and this is not to distract from the comment, but I wonder how many ever really took into consideration how hard I worked for this. God gave me the drive and determination, but he did not give me the motivation to work 20 hours a day to achieve my goals. That was all me. I thank God for the will and strength to move forward considering everything that has taken place. Next, let's discuss motivation. Since 9 years of age and that fucking Kodak brownie camera I have loved photography. Growing up the way I did, we did not have much of shit. Not to mention after the broken home thing, we had even less. I can only imagine how much different things would have been if every interest I had a youngster would have been encouraged rather than criticized.Learning a thing or two from all that, I gave up some of my ambitions when I was married and had children of my own. Let's call it what it is, when you have a family you sacrifice everything to give your children the very best things possible. At one point I thought to myself, well I will always have July of 1987, which was my heyday as a photographer. Somehow I was able to get back into the photography. It was not on a grand scale but it kept me interested. As I mention motivation, I will point out, the sacrifices, the loss, and the disrespect by community, family, and so on, hurt me pretty bad. It almost made me throw in the towel. Who cares right? That is what I learned. So as I make this statement, I am sure it sounds like I am simply a dickhead. Maybe it's true. So when people want to know my motivation, I will tell them Pain. Pain is what motivates me. Considering in today's world of photography, any asshole can walk out of a Walmart with a dslr and all of a sudden they are a pro photographer. I love that shit and it's a competition, with an end prize of being the very best I can be. Some of you have seen the social media battles with other camera owners and all the crap the haters have laid out for me. They say, I don't do weddings or I am hard to work with, I even had one person threaten to leave a company if I was brought in as a creative. So should I apologize for any of this? No I don't think so. I think as people hate on me for pushing myself to excel at something I love I think most make excuses and lash out because of their failures. 

I have rules I follow, I call them " Rules of Sarg" .  They mean nothing to nobody but me. Once in a while you will see me post a rule of Sarg. Most do not understand them and I explain if asked. 

Closing this opening, Pain seems like a pretty fucked up reason for motivation doesn't it ? I suppose, but I never asked anyone to understand it. I simply put it out here because the question existed as to what motivates me. I also will give credit to my wife. Oh yeah we battled, and battled hard.  I would like to consider myself what is known as a good man. Opinions vary. I also think about the old saying, behind every good man is a good women, but I find fault in that, cause in reality, I prefer her right by my side. SO there is my mushy moment. Piss off if you can't handle that. 

So from a fat old balding man with a shitty back and a nasty intolerance for bullshit and disrespect I give you my image for this post. 

Drunk at Heart-32Drunk at HeartLight modifications   Yes ladies and gentlemen, this image is brought to you in part by, Pain, death, disrespect, lack of belief, stupidity, and an overall disregard for one mans view on what is right and what is wrong.

At the end of it all if this crap makes me sound like a whacko, so be it. What I do know, is opinions will vary and in my opinion this is a pretty damn good frame. 

You all come back now ya hear.





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